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take action today. we know that this is a discussion item. >> the supervisor has joined us. >> thank you for allowing me to speak. i appreciate you hearing me out of turn. we're having our supervisor meeting. i am here and support of the free muni past. i speak as a supervisor and as a former organizer. i am sure you have heard this several times already but use are facing a difficult time in our city. this is not often reflected in our city. the number of children enrolled has increased from 2008 at 54% to 54% in 2010. this is not include people who are underemployed and and documented. decisions. we're trying to face funding. i'm going from a fleet of 44 buses to 25. it is important that the city worse together to find a solution to address that. i think that this is an important project for the city. we have to put our money where our mouth is. we can encourage young people to write for free. i know students who wait for sudden bus drivers to come to their corner because they will allow them and their siblings on for free because they cannot afford passes. i know that they get on
that the rest of us do. in response to the question earlier today from the congressman, we have quite an extensive bram to try to ensure that information can reach the iranian people, that they have the technology with access to that information. there are other things we can do to be helpful in supporting the aspirations of the iranian people. we would be glad to give you more detail. >> thank you. >> i have nothing to add. >> then i will turn to syria. there has been ongoing violence. secretary rice led an effort to vigorously. my question is, what is ever strategy moving forward? there has been progress made building international consensus. the question is, what are our next steps and what specifically do we need to do to work with china and russia to address their concerns? >> we have not stop to that effort. indeed, secretary cohen said earlier today, today the european union -- the commercial bank of iran and i meant to say the commercial bank of syria. they designated the commercial bank, which is an important step. stopping petroleum between oil and gas between europe in this
, and it has carried us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first elevators were installed for moving materials in the 1860's. in the 1870's, the first passenger elevator was installed, and that allowed building heights to go up to about seven floors. starting in the 18 eighties, 1890's, the first electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first elevators that became representative of what we consider modern elevators today. >> so the height of buildi
lands? my history of the area is i had a girlfriend lived in the area about 21 years ago. we used to take the 71 at page and laguna and they had a nice little coffee shop there, and i used to take her there, so you're so familiar with the area, more intimately than just being a cabdriver. the issue is that haight streak is a lot steeper than page. you are dealing with some steeper slope issues, if i'm not mistaken, right? the thing is that -- my question is why these people's concerns were not addressed or dealt with, or were they in your staffing reports, these concerns, about these issues when you've got this information -- why i did not hear about this? these are legitimate concerns that should have been dealt with in public comment. i think you should go back to the drawing board and ask for your traffic engineers to give you responses to these people's questions or justifications for making these types of changes. yes, taxis should be able to use this. transit first. it will help get better cab service by having the ability to use these transit lanes as well. but at the same
to approve passes for the final months because it had a financial impact to us. the program is currently on hold now, pending the conversation around this program. as you know, supervisor campos is leading a coalition of advocacy groups evaluating this program. a budget analysis also completed a recent analysis with our input. the current program that is being championed is the free fares for all youth, unlimited access to muni at all times, clipper cards. this would be used to evaluate the program as a three-year pilot program. including the continuation of the $1.4 million subsidy moving forward. the budget analysis report including that writer should increase -- ridership increased. they develop more costs from the loss of their revenue. and some additional incremental costs. the budget analysis, while they did not report the potential service increase, they did not include in that total, because they felt that, in the hiss -- historically, they felt this would continue for this program as well. we also wanted to bring in front of you other models that other cities are doing for your
and running all the time. i found this incredibly useful. i could see data trends over time. in terms of long-term exposure, that was one issue we had to be aware of. the other was lethal dosage. we did not have a gamma issue. we had reports from around fukushima to understand what was going on in terms of lethal dosage. populations wanted to know -- do i need to move? do we need to evacuate? so, we had to get everybody on to the same page of understanding the actual data that was reported. " we found within the head of community was that simulation predictions are not equal to share. not everyone has the same view of what will happen in a radiological crisis. being able to develop an operating picture was the goal. what you are seeing here now is the actual data of an aerial measuring system. these are sensors in an airplane. it think of mowing the grass in the air. they are looking at the reflection in the ground. that helps us to understand how bad of a problem we have and how to communicate to the self- defense force. they are looking at the same information. it helps us to understand wha
through satellites and other technology that we use. and we have just gotten more sophisticated, and the disasters seem to have gotten bigger. >> is that the answer i would give across the board? is there a particular incident that made your organizations or companies say that we need to prepare better? >> katrina note -- katrina showed the need for supply chain, really quickly. we have been doing a lot of supply chain with nonprofits. the wall street journal had an article that said, what went wrong and what went right? it was about a matrix, and very quickly, within two years, this started -- and they decided to start using the supply chain. in a bigger scale, in responding, first of all, the disasters are getting more serious. we are really mitigating some of the results of that. i would argue that globally, we are tremendously well prepared. in the u.s., we are tremendously well prepared for the most immediate past disaster. but we don't know what is going to happen in the next. there are some tornadoes and hurricanes that are fairly predictable. but i don't think people rea
>>> this week on the communicators we look at the future of cloud computing by the u.s. government a member of congress who just held a hearing on the topic and an internet executive discuss the benefits and challenges towards the cloud computing. >> damn lundgren as chairman of the homeland security subcommittee on the cybersecurity. he's the republican of california and this week his subcommittee held a hearing on cloud computing. congressman lungren is our guest this week on the communicators. congressman, is clouded computing for the federal government inevitable? >> not only is it inevitable it is a part of the mix, and one of the serious concerns i have is not that it is inevitable but the fact that we ensure that the security aspects of cloud computing our forecast or dealt with ahead of time and are incorporated into this new computer world. cloud computing is a part of the world. >> jennifer martinez is a technology reporter also joining this week on the communicators. >> thank you. the hearing was focused on, like you said, the security of cloud computing in the federal g
burden for most of us. second, allow us to transfer for the passenger, like las vegas. they charge about $2 as a surcharge when someone uses a credit card, or allow us to say no. the third option is to set a minimum price from $30, $40 minimum. this is unfair to pass this. thank you. >> hi, john haughn, san francisco yellow cab driver. what i have here is something you will get from yellow cab. management was nice enough to give me a copy of it. just a point of clarity on some of the information that is it here is that on page 2 that under the new regulations companies that wish to charge drivers must also have rear seat processing units. the third-party processor is also paying for those units and continued maintenance. it is time wording, but what we understand -- fine wording, but a portion of the piper's son is being taken out to pay for the rear pay terminals. a lot of that is not going to the processing fee, it is going to pay for the back seat terminals, and then they carry advertisements and that is split between companies and vendors. i just want you to take note of the wording.
and forth, because it is a wonderful celebration. this afternoon, for those of us who were able to be at the luncheon, justice tawny is so amazing and there wilwonderful. she is one of my favorite filipinas. she really brings pride to all of us. it reminded me who we are in not only our communities but in our families. we're grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and wives. we are nieces and grandchildren. it is just remarkable who we are and of the footprint that we're going to leave. i was an award recipients in 2009. that was probably one of my proudest moments. i am getting cherry i when i think about it. my parents came down from seattle, and my parents have no idea what i do. all they know is that i show up on christmas and i bring gifts, but they have no idea what i do. so to stand amongst filipina 100 other amongsts and have it -- to stand up amongst one hand -- hundreds of other amazing filipinas with my parents that there was wonderful. the gala will be fabulous. but we are women, and we're women of color. and we are leaders. i do not want any of you to ever forget that. beca
into an argument receipt outside the regal movie theater and used a knife to slice dominic miller right across the stomach. >> the gentleman who was cut retreated to a car that was occupied by a friend, told the friend to drive him to the hospital. the friend couldn't locate the hospital, pulled into a business and called 911 from there. >> fisher faces charges of first and second degree assault and over thed $25,000 bail. >>> tonight police are on the lookout for a man who raped a 13-year-old girl in an abandoned row home in the 800 block of north caroline street in east baltimore. that's where jeff hager picks up the story. >> reporter: as police combed this east baltimore area for a suspect in the rape, neighbors question why it provided easy access for the young girl's attack tore force her inside. police say the 13-year-old was walking down the sidewalk when the man confronted her and led her into the recesses of the empty home where they assaulted her. they have released this scatch, a black male -- sketch, 45 to 50 with a mustache and dark clothing, 5'3" and weighs about 180-pounds. >>
and nightlife. it undermines bringing new, creative uses and to the mission and, new kinds of businesses that we did not anticipate in 1996 when we passed this brought and inflexible sud. it also encourages and freezes in time some very bad uses, some of the corner package liquor stores better their, and no one else can make use of this liquor licenses, so those stores remain there. so some of the liquor light that folks were trying to get rid of are now perversely encouraged. this is a good start, and i am very supportive, but i will continue to advocate for a repeal of the sud, and a look forward to the continuing conversations. supervisor cohen: thank you. he took a couple of my talking points. i just wanted to share that if there is anyone else there who would like to open up appallingly in district 10, i am willing and available to work with you to make that happen. i want to encourage whoever is listening who may be looking to make another business venture to venture a little bit further south. the dog patch never had this up- and-coming, thriving, and beautiful. so i just wanted to put th
who ran last week. >> dana: that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc grainings >> bret: republican candidates pitch policy in economic ravaged nevada. we talk live with mitch mcconnell about the economy, jobs and the election. live from the studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. president obama lashed out at republicans and later said he is prepared to work with them. on this, the second day of his bus tour through 28 electoral college votes to key states. ed henry reports that it seems the president is selling himself and his jobs plan. >> don't be bamboozled. >> reporter: president obama on the attack in north carolina, declaring on the bus tour time to kick the tires on the republican jobs plan. >> what is standing between us and full employment is we prevent companies pollute our air and water too much. we on the other hand have said let's put teachers back in the classroom in north carolina and all across the country. [ applause ] those are two choices. >
, but the independent external review of water management operations will help us decide whether or not to undertake that revision and to what scope and scale based on recommendations will come from that panel. >> is the evidence pretty strong that given this extraordinary event and given new data, and that this is the moment in time that you would want to update of the manual? >> we have a new hydrological datapoint that makes us take that into consideration very seriously. >> what is a realistic time frame for updating that long- term manual? >> anywhere from 1 to x years. >> x is pretty open-ended. i just want to point out that that gives us the possibility of many additional flood the season's with an arguably outdated manuals, and given the extraordinary nature of this recent event, i would encourage a real focus on upgrading the long-term annual relatively quickly. >> yes, sir. >> let me thank you not only for your testimony, but for your service to our country. we appreciate the professionalism in which to operate, these very stressful issues. that will complete this panel. we will now turn t
to help me out. that is right in their box. for us, the capacity for us to do the smaller side is not there as much as it is for them. on getting a loan through my side of the bank, i do not require an account to do that. we would like to have it, but i do not require it. >> last question for the opportunity fund and a critic representative. are you a cdfi? is san francisco and s.p.a. in support of cdfi's being established in san francisco? >> yes, we are. we were founded in 1999 with a small business loan. that is how we started our tenderloin office. >> opportunity fund is a certified cdfi, so we are providing a benefit to low and moderate-income communities. he is the city establishing support for new cdfi's? >> mark wanted to address that, in support of cdfi's in the city. >> we have a wealth of partners in the city. s.p.a. is just now rolling out a program for r -- will be the case by the summer. let me get one last point and on the question about relationships to lenders. the question was, do have to have an account with a bank in order to get a loan? may answer is no, bu
or another group can use those funds. the request is to authorize the executive director to enter into a funding agreement for the presidio parkway project with caltrans and the golden gate bridge district, and to negotiate terms and conditions. happy to answer any questions. commissioner mar: seeing none, public comment is closed. -- is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? >> you know, i worked at the presidio. one of the things that we have to note about this project is the leadership, not just a representation, but the leadership that he provided. he, too, worked at the presidio. one of the things that is linked to this in a direct way is how improvements are done to fulfill certain projects that have been in the making for years, repairing projects at the presidio. i was there a couple of weeks ago, and there is one project that is named after a dragonfly. those are the types of things the we have gone to the produce it -- to the presidio on for mitigation. another thing that will help us on this project, a lot of the traffic that was going abo
of things further on in a set of. one of the things that is critical for us is the response of the employees and the response of the governmental agencies that we work with. we work with the fda, and on more than one occasion, i have been able to reach out to the fda on a saturday or sunday and get relief. katrina was a great example of that. actually had to close the facility in louisiana, and they immediately handle anything that we needed to do to help ourselves and the pharmacy set up a brand new pharmacy in the area that handled the medical needs. i think that is a good beginning. >> i think so, too. the vice president of global marketing and business development for the harris corp.. an international communications company that serves more than 150 companies. the principal focus is the development of wireless connectivity. >> as what tom just said, i am from harris corp., our expertise is designing, implementing, and operating complex and critical networks. we do that with federal civil programs. and we also do complex jobs such as the u.s. census. given everything i have heard, i will
think all of us in the room share the intent of the original legislation, the importance of the help the san francisco program, and i think we are proud to live in a city that has stood for universal health care. that being said, it is no surprise from my perspective, that we need to make sure that whenever legislation we move forward with insurers that employees get access to health care, but do this in a way in a difficult economy that we're not leading to a necessary job losses and layoffs. our cities economists has estimated it would be to up to 460 jobs per year being lost, and this would impact 800 companies. frankly, i want to frankly, i want to see if there is a different way for store accomplish our goals. the ordinance i have introduced eliminates the use it or lose it nature of h.r. 8's and the so- called january problem, which is what happens when an employee tries to get reimbursed for a health care need at the beginning of the year after a one-year time of money has expired. we achieved the goal in the legislation by requiring that at least a year's worth of health care
. >> deputy director of the transportation department who has been working with us. >> good afternoon in. thank you. i am here to provide a quick update on the boss rapid transit project. before i begin, i would like to have chagn -- chang to provide a few words on this. >> good evening. on behalf of the authority, we want to thank the assistant pa in very much and the rest of the brt team, for their collaboration on this exciting project. we had some very important progress recently. the project ranks very competitively. we are seeing a green light on the operations side, which is good news. you will hear about the imminent release of the eir. we have a website for the public to check out and that is thank you again. >> as she mentioned, the reason we are here is because we have reached a major milestone in the project and with the impending release of the draft and impact report. this is a significant step in the product development process. we want to bring you back up to speed with where we have been with the project and where we will be going in the next several months. in
fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club would love to send you one of these meters. this method hurts less and because you can see and hear your results, it may be easier to understand. >> female voice: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> call now to find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. membership is free. so is the call. >> announcer: call diabetes care club at the number on your screen. >> talk to diabetes care club. you'll be glad you did. ♪ spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can ♪ ♪ spins a web any size ♪ ♪ catches thieves just like flies ♪ >>> they are rock the music today, i am so impressed. this may not be the story you're thinking, though. this is kind of crazy. the city of wilmington, north carolina, could really use the help of their friendly neighborhood spider-man right about now. >> that's right. because a thief dressed as one of his archenemies. venom has robbed four stores in just the
one of us was put on death row. and right now, you have 135 people have been exonerated from death row. what would be the charge? at of the 138 who were prosecuted, 45 or 40-45 of them was for prosecution misconduct. i am just wondering, since he said that he would prosecute, he would prosecute on what level? >> i do not know the facts behind those cases. >> this is a person who was innocent, but they withheld the evidence to prosecute him on death row. well with the deficit -- will they be charged with? >> we would look for a level of intent and knowledge of the prosecutor had at the time and we would make an assessment. >> with a charge them for murder? >> attempted murder? >> i do not know that there would be an answer i could give to you. i do not know the circumstances. >> just one more simple question. >> i have a question. you mentioned that there were 40 instances of people who were exonerated because of misconduct by prosecutors. have any of those people been prosecuted? the district attorney has been prosecuted? >> their work -- there was one in louisiana, roger jordan. >> le
are nervous about the location of a stop. we have a big intersection right in front of us. traffic was, blockage wise, we are very nervous about it. what makes us nervous is hearing from many representatives, referring to the eir and the public, and then, which we do not feel we were meaningfully and notified. we want this measure to release take our input, not just where we missed public comment. we want our concerns heard after that. we like what the cac has done, and we trust them. listening to you guys, we kind of trust you guys. our fate is in your hand. >> i want to be clear i understand. are you here representing the business community generally down there, or just a boy in a vista? >> buena vista. we are like one family there. >> your position is you want the f train coming to that area, but stopping at a different terminus. >> not at that intersection, where all that traffic is. we have seen what all the stops look like. i have seen what they look like in the dark, all the advertisement. we are nervous about those things. we have nightmare traffic already introducing a blockag
to the monday meeting of the land use and economic development committee of the sentence is the board of supervisors. my name is eric mar. i'm the chair. to my right is malia cohen and to my left is scott wiener. >> be sure to turn off all cellular phones and electronic devices. items acted on will appear on the october 25 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. supervisor mar: i would like to thank wouldsfgtv s -- thank the sfgtv staff for televising us today. the first item, we will delay that until someone can get here. if we can without objection move towards item #2. any objection? there are footsteps in the back. she has arrived. call item number one. >> to permit bowling alleys to serve the alcoholic beverages. >> in june, i introduced legislation that made changes to the existing mission alcohol special use district to clarify and also make an update on allowance for bowling alleys that serve alcohol along with restaurants. i want to thank supervisor wiener. it got the full support of the planning commission. prior to this item being heard, the movie theater conta
other cities are around the u.s., several thousand places, how to bring an end to suffering with the end of the foreclosures and other issues and the suffering of food and security. we were trying very hard to make it focused on allowing people to organize and rise up in the neighborhoods, to hold banks and big business is accountable to the mess they have made this country into at this point. it was an effort are around the country. i will defer to supervisor of los -- avalos. introducing today a resolution that has been with the california safety alliance and food access groups. like the head of systems to take steps clearly label foods that have been genetically engineered and to give preference to organic food vendors. the sfusd, regarding the hazard of genetically engineered food. [applause] a couple weeks ago was gmo awareness week put on by places around the state. many other os organized for the dangers of the children and the elderly. i also join a panel of activists that were highlighting this global report on the dangers of genetically engineered food. scientific research has
and we all may fall victim to some severe weather tomorrow. topper joins us from the weather terrace where you can see the graphics, severe weather alert day, warning. tom? >> by the time you wake up tomorrow morning an entirely different story. let's start with the satellite picture and radar combined. showers and rain entering rolle and roanoke,. temperaturewise mild. 70 inlers burg. 7 -- in leesburg. 66 downtown. for tonight, clouds will be on the increase. breezy and mild. showers and thunderstorms by dawn. some will be heavy. you have until midnight to walk the dog until the rain rolls in. winds increasing out of the east at 10-15. we'll come back and talk about what threats are in store for us on your monday morning, on your way to work and what areas are more likely to see severe weather. >> thank you, topper. >>> montgomery police arrested a gaithersburg man for the murder of 12-year-old jessica nguyen. she was found stabbed to death in the basement of her home in may. today officers announced they arrested her stepfather, david rich hang. he's been charged with first degree
>>> hello, everyone, we're so glad you joined us, i'm beth troutman, it's tuesday and you're watching "right this minute." >>> the pictures are deeply disturbing. as people walk right past an injured 2-year-old. how the video is causing a wave of outrage across china. >>> it's an occupy wall street proposal. >> will you occupy my life? >> will you occupy my life? >> you'll see the ring and also what the couple kept hidden during our interview. >>> there's nothing in the world like having a big brother. >> see why 2-year-old milly can count on her 3-year-old brother when things get scarey. >>> as racing advance mourn his passing, vintage video surfaces show dan wheldon had drive at an early age. >>> and we hear from the basketball standout who dunks over his mom's head. >> did you have you know, a contingency plan? >>> our first video today is incredibly difficult to watch. because it is very graphic. but people around the globe are talking about this. and now guys, this took place in fouchon, in china's kwaung dong province. you see a 2-year-old standing in the road. and t
their encampment. one told us they expect some of those at that rally to come here tonight to protest their camp. there was plenty of aker directed at police today. last night thaerksd this physical confrontation with them, and tore down their tents ask tarps. justin herman plaza is designated as a park and that for bids a permanent encampment after 10:00. so there are skrimishes with protest qlorz tried to block public works vans and trucks which picked up their possessions. five people were arrested and protestors tell us they're not going leave tonight. >> we have every intention of remaining here and possibly to committed individuals working together to see a just society. >> this is the dialogue to try to convince them to tear down tarps into get out of justin herman plaza this is a park, and crews prohibit permanent structures and prohibit visitors after 5:00. did he not tell us what officers would do tonight or if tarps aren't removed by sock. you heard they're determined to stay here and may get help from oakland. they're going to be here tonight that. is the latest from justin herman pl
-will gestures by israel in order to move negotiations forward. >> michelle, thanks for joining us. in the last few minutes, a number of palestinian prisoners who were released today have arrived in syria. these were the scenes broadcast live on syrian tv at the airport as the prisoners got off their plane to a crowd of cheering well-wishers. under the terms of today's exchange, 40 detainees were immediately deported from palestinian territory. turkey and qatar will also take in some. for the latest on the prisoner swap deal, head to our web site. you will find reaction from families of the thousand or so prisoners due to be exchanged for shalit. and that's all at now to libya and the u.s. secretary of state, clinton has held talks with the leaders of libya. at a town hall style meeting, mrs. clinton said she was proud to be standing on the free soil of libya and seeing its future being born. we have this report from tripoli. >> hillary clinton flue into tripoli on a military transporter not her usual american boeing and not equipped to deal with the threat of surface-to-air missi
. reach out to us on facebook and we'll see you tomorrow . stay tuned for the news at 4:00. bye-bye. pp >>> a tense situation at herman plaza as they fear a police eviction for a second night in a war. >> meanwhile, across the bay, the iranian hikers support the demonstrators in oakland. i'm dan ashley. we have reporters on both sides of the bay covering the occupied movement. lilian kim is live in san francisco but we're going to start in oakland. they got a big morale boost today? >> yes, they did. the message got drowned out after police almost shut down the occupy oakland camp out here. it all started after protestor's dog bit on tv reporter. there was angry words exchanged. >> the presence of police on the plaza in front of city hall drew a crowd of angry demonstrators. more officers arrived and tensions escalated and they prepared for the worst. but police tolerated the jeers and chose to stand down. >> it is an occupation. so we respect this as a public space but no longer under the authority. >> they turned on the media saying they didn't have a right to shoot video on public pr
the planning code. >> a nice, big poster. good evening. i did go through a conditional use change. my bar is a bar. it is a type 40 a license,. i serve tapas. it is a taco truck area and i am selling food, more than i'd thought it would sell. i sell to midnight on weekends and isi bakery and pop up to do business. i think like you know, food keeps the club atmosphere down and keeps the social ambiance and people drink more. i have over 200 signatures. they came into my bart to san my petition. i ask patrons that were there -- it is on the corner of 21st and bryant. it started out with pool ta bles and got cleaned up. it was an after-hours club and i heard of it from san jose. it was always a nightclub. i live across the street and three doors down. everybody knew me as the garage sale lady. i met lots of the neighbors and i live there. i know all the neighbors and they all know me. i am approachable, the come to talk to me about everything. i am now the local noise completely. there is david down the street that is having a party, i get the call. i do my -- i ask him to keep it down. i wi
. wyatt andrews tells us how much of a raise they'll be getting. wyatt? >> reporter: scott, this is an average but the social security raise we expect to be announced for next january will be around $38 a month. for the tens of millions of retirees who have had no cost of living raise for the last three years, it's real money and it's about time is when seniors heard the news in miami, this was the response. jose perez says the increase will help him pay his utility bill. >> with the increase in social security i will be able to have heat and cold whenever i need it. >> reporter: social security is expected to announce a cola-- a cost of living adjustment-- of around 3.5%. it's the first increase since 2009. seniors receiving the average benefit of $1,082 a month would receive an extra $37.84. for retirees dependent on social security, $38 a month can be a lifesaver. david asher counsels retirees at the center for jewish family services in los angeles. >> well, it can be a difference between food and rent. or between going to the doctor or cutting back on their prescription
anything details. we were led less than an hour ago, maybe a half hour ago to this area. they did allow us behind some of their blockades but nirt saying exactly what's going on down there in that wooded area near the curve in the road. we did have a police chopper in the area. they are doing to surveillance or looking from above. it appears chief manger may be on the scene here as well. there's a large group of officers talking, consulting with one another. and we are hoping to get an update here shortly. this is just, i should mention, a few miles from where william lived with his mother. his mom jane was found dead inside their home on september 30th. and william has been missing ever since then and the search has been on. now curtis lopez, jane mckwan's estranged husband was arrested. he was charged with her murder, picked up in north carolina. we are waiting to receive word whether there has been some sort of a break in this case, whether william has been found or whether this is another dead end. we simply don't know. what i can tell you is this is a large-scale search. unlike some o
used air force one to make his grand entrance in north carolina. the crowd of only a few hundred was not so grand. considering this is a critical battleground. still, the crowd was hively, chanting "yes, we can. "even has the president concedeed no, he can't get congress to pass his whole jobs bill now. >> maybe they just couldn't understand the whole thing all at once. so we're going to break it up to bite-size pieces. >> the white house insists the taxpayer finance tour is not a series of campaign events. even as the president posed with the cute kid at a not a campaign event in a barbecue joint. at the asheville airport that could get runway repair from the jobs bill, folks chanted "four more years" at not a campaign event. >> i appreciate the four more years but right now i am thinking about the next 13 months. because yes, we got an election coming up, but that election is a long ways away and a lot of folks can't wait. >> lofty goal but in the next breath he previewed the 2012 message blasting the republican jobs bill as sell-out to corporation to make america's air and wat
>>> looking forward to that. meanwhile tucker barnes standing by in the weather center to tell us what we have in store today. >> cool start temperatures 50s. should be a nice finish highs expected back in low 70s a few more clouds than yesterday all in all a dry one let's look at current conditions nice overnight, starting off cool, 57 now, in washington regan national, 50 winchester, 54, cooler than yesterday, 58 ocean city satellite radar together let you know we are starting the day with cloud cover you can see it across the area, high, thin cirrus clouds, filtered sunshine, and we will be more along the lines of partly sunny than later this afternoon out to the west storminess to the south down into florida tropical moisture, two areas of disturbed weather going to gang up on the washington area and bring us rounds of showers during the day tomorrow until then should be a decent day today dry weather expected this afternoon high temperatures, 72 washington 69 german town, wall door of partly sunny -- wall door of, partly sunny conditions expected. >>> thank you. >>> top story
been in the courtroom all day. she joins us live from rockville. >> reporter: the first little boy who testified was so small when he sat in the witness box that a juror had to ask that a pitcher of watter and a stack of paper cups in front of him be removed so that his face could be seen. he was the first of four children to testify today. the trial of 36-year-old susan burke took a compelling turn as some of her former green castle elementary school students testified that she choked, punched, and scratched them. the first child to take the stand was a seven-year-old boy who described what his teacher allegedly did when she got angry. the prosecutor asked, what happened when you weren't listening? the boy replied, she put her hands around our necks. the prosecutor, how did it feel? not good. the boy's mother took the stand as well and described the change in her son. she testified he had nightmares. he was scared to sleep by himself. he would jump when we touched him. he told me he didn't want to go to school. it was also a day the defense tried to poke holes in the testimony of the
at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. thanks for watching us. scott pelly is coming up next. >> the latest news and weather is always on after the crash that killed racing superstar dan wheldon, fans and other drivers are asking were there too many cars on the track? norah o'donnell is with the president on his "it's not a campaign tour" campaign tour. we asked the secretary of defense why u.s. troops are being sent into another war zone. did you have reason to believe that this part of central africa was becoming a haven for terrorism? and john blackstone on how the creator of the iphone and ipad inspired a generation of americans to say "i can." >> stay hungry, stay foolish. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, drivers in the las vegas 300 are telling us tonight it was an accident waiting to happen and, of course it did. taking the life of one of the superstars of this sport-- 33- year-old dan wheldon. now many are asking questions about how it happened and whether it could have been averted. toda
politician." enjoy the debate. dylan's here to take us forward. dylan, what's on the agenda? >> all right. well, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. we start with defense today, though, martin, as theirs is perhaps no industry that has more toxified our economy as the industrial energy complex. the show starts right now. >>> well, the big story today is playing defense. good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. we begin with our money in our national defense. we are currently, as we all know, in the longest war in our nation's history. the cost of blood and treasure, simply staggering. yet when there are calls for cuts in spending or ending the wars, the military industrial complex says, no, not yet. not now. not this month. and that's have been in this time of incredible economic distress here at home. if you think the debate is new, of course, think again. going back to 1961, republican dwight eisenhower, the general who won d-day and helped end world war ii issued this warning to all of us about what would happen if we were not careful. >> in the councils of government, we mus
to that point yet, because they may have said, you wanted us to use about reform partner, but this one is better. that is not a big deal. but we would have to go back and say, this is what they want to do, and this is why, and we need to get those budget revisions approved. >> i want to thank you for a much for the time and attention you have given to my questions. commissioner wynns: i just wanted to us in one short question about what you raised about mission high school to remove -- about mission high school. i am hoping you can give us some insight into our relationship whiswith cde. i want to say publicly i appreciate the we have tried to do this in a site support of the way -- site supportive way. while we have funding, and whether we can make a judgment about how enthusiastic we think the state department is in support of what i view as a negatively-focused project, so i am interested, and that might be a good thing to reflect on, and i will take time this evening to give you an idea of how we think our working relationship is, and the last thing of related to that thiis when we looked at
to the phone company, back up to the satellite into us. but an extensive charge of about $14,000 per month for the phone services. i a agree with everyone what they say, but i have to comply with the federal government, and i think so you. there was a 1099k but all taxicab drivers have to pay credit-card fees on all credit card transactions. we are in the process contracting out because we cannot be the merchant to comply with the company called mobile technology. you should be very proud. we are the number one cab company in the united states, putting more people and our calves than any other cab company in the united states. we do $1 million in credit-card transactions per month, and yes, we were paying $40,000 per month and we are not now. the permit holders are another subject. this is a much broader thing that you really think it is. there are a lot of aspects that running back have company. it is a very tough job. we're auto accident liabilities that you guys do not even understand. we provide jobs to individuals that king got into their own business and create their own livelihood,
was locked in a closet and literally starved to death. >>> well, there are a lot of u.s. marines who are angry today because they are being told that they can't wear bracelets bearing the names of fallen marines. marine corps regulations prohibit jewelry except for rings and watches. well, the corps made an exception for a prisoner of war and missing in action bracelets in the 1970s. marines want a similar exception for the killed in action bracelets as well. >>> president obama is about to hammer republicans on jobs. he's going to to speak at a community college in jamestown, north carolina. republican lawmakers blocked the president's jobs bill, but the president now chopped the package into bite-sized pieces. he wants lawmakers to vote on a $35 billion package this week that's supposed to save the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters. this is day two of his three-day bus tour to promote the jobs bill. >>> uh-oh, for the white house, that's right, a tv station in richmond, virginia, is saying that a truck carrying the president's teleprompter, podium and other equipment was st
loans are personally guaranteed by the client. we are not using or reporting business credit. we are relying on personal guarantees and personal credit. that is just what is going to happen at the end of this $100,000 on down and of the lending market. in terms of process, we can turn a lone run in five to 15 days depending on the amount -- we can turn alone are around. one thing i want to midget before we hand it over is that we have a new program to focus specifically on green lending. we had a large investment recently by jp morgan chase into our loan fund. we are looking for businesses that are looking to put in more energy-efficient equipment or retrofit or remove toxins from processed here we have been lending to drive cleaners that are giving you more environmentally friendly products, truck drivers putting in new exhaust systems. finally, just to give you kind of a scale of what we do, mark mentioned the sba right guaranteed 275 loans in a year. we expected to 50 or 60 in san francisco this year, and more like 250 or 300 throughout the bay area. if you are hearing somethi
. but not all of us are fortunate enough to have a nice meal out. a growing number of people in need of assistance in the san joaquin valley has prompted the farm to give back to its community. each week, the farm sends truckloads of produce to local food banks as part of the california association of food banks' farm-to-family program. >> we were seein' folks that when we went to the store, you recognize them working in the store, and then all of a sudden, you see them at our doorstep, uh, needing food assistance, needing help. uh, it's not just the single parent, the single mother, single father. you know, it's--it's the working people, uh, that still can't make things--uh, you know, ends meet. >> i think what each of us are given, you know, if we're given much, we're required to give a lot. and i think that's very important. you know, that's the way i was brought up, too. you--you have to give. >> giving back to the community that supported them for more than 70 years now is just one of the many reasons this family farm continues to thrive now and no doubt well into the future, to
response equipment, using homeland security grants, that include field care clinics and care and shelter trailers. in fact, i have been personally involved in recruiting and training people to help our department of public health erect those field care clinics in precisely the time its takes in a very quick fashion. we're training people and volunteers to do that exactly. and we have earned the national weather service designations for storm-ready and tsunami-ready designations. in addition to these efforts, it is isn't so that we all work together and share the best practices -- it is essential that we all work together ensure the best practices so we can better respond to emergencies. this one and a half day seminar is a truly unique learning in relationship-building opportunity for all of us. representatives from a broad range of agencies at the local, state, and federal level have come together for this seminar and for the tabletop exercise that was conducted by our dem earlier this month. we're getting to know each other, but individually and organizationally. in advance of the next
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